This comic is ever so slightly spoiler-ish. The review below is less so.

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy is a different kind of Marvel movie, and that’s a very good thing. You could call it the black sheep of the Marvel cinematic universe, but don’t let that deter you because the black sheep are always the most fun. Now don’t get me wrong, ever since Marvel started making their own movies there’s not one I haven’t at the very least enjoyed if not loved, with most of my gripes coming down to nitpicky things, but it’s always nice to get a fresh breath of air every so often. And that’s just what Guardians of the Galaxy is. It’s quirky, colorful, a little more grown up (in that man-child sort of way, thank you very much Chris Pratt), and just fun. It also stands fairly well on its own, which is a major plus given that every movie Marvel makes at this point has to be a stone on the path towards the next big team up. That was my problem with the first Thor since it was basically just an Avengers set up, thankfully they fixed that in Thor 2 though.

The music of Guardians, which some might call lazy since it’s mostly songs from the 70’s and 80’s, actually works very well. Because all the older songs that are played are also present in Star-Lord’s tape deck they are not only well matched to the scenes throughout, but they are also able to be used as actual plot devices as the cast slowly comes together into a team.

The characters are each fairly well portrayed. Chris Pratt as Star-Lord is the lovable goof. Zoe Saldana as Gamora is the no-nonsense assassin with the heart of, well not gold, but not pure evil either. Bautista as Drax was kind of one note, but I’m willing to believe that was by design. I was hoping for more “I am Groot” from Groot, but Vin Diesel did a pretty good job expressing range from the four words he was allowed to say. Bradley Cooper also did a great job filling the role of Rocket, to the point that if I hadn’t known he was the one lending his voice I don’t think I would have been able to guess it was him. Each character fit the bill.

Art was stellar (get it, because they’re in space). From the backgrounds, to the effects, even to Groot and Rocket. There was almost no uncanny valley effect of disconnect between the live actors and the CG ones. Considering these movies are based on comics, where color is very important, it’s nice to see how colorful the galaxy was made to look. Marvel seems to have a better grasp on the importance of color (cough cough, brown wonder woman suit), but I’m hard pressed to think of a more colorful seen in the previous Marvel films than a lot of the ones in Guardians. When you’ve got hair and skin and nebulas from every end of the color spectrum on-screen at once you’re either going to have a stroke or be looking at something awesome. Luckily for us, we got the latter.

The humor in this film is reason enough to go. Some of it is based on old references which some may find hard to connect to, but between the popularity of most of the things mentioned and the way the non-humans in the movie (which is everyone) react to them makes them work even better if they were just left alone. The comedy goes beyond just reference humor though, from expertly dropped lines that have no business being funny but are to visuals that are just too great not to at least chuckle at. Heck, there’s one scene that has almost no business being funny but is because of Groot’s expression afterwards.

So should you see Guardians of the Galaxy? Well you’ve made you’re way through my ramblings down to here so I’m sure you won’t be surprised that my answer is yes.