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Godzilla Review


























So despite Commenting Colin’s rather sarcastic appearance above, I did think this was a good movie, it could have been better though. The biggest complaint is that the title character and only reason anyone went to this movie doesn’t appear enough. In a Jaws-type form of story telling for a majority of the movie we don’t get to see the big man himself, instead just getting flashes of him (mostly his spikes as he swims). The two villain monsters get a lot more screen time, though it’s pretty awesome when any of them were on screen. All three monsters’ designs were well done and their special abilities were well implemented as well, that includes Godzilla’s signature breath attack which I was afraid would come across too hokey. I’m glad to have been proven wrong on that point though. All the monster interactions, including a surprisingly sweet meeting between the villain monsters (now my favorite plus size couple ever), were well choreographed with each showing the extent of what they were designed to do. Again my major complaint is that there wasn’t enough of it, probably an attempt not to be compared to Pacific Rim, but I don’t necessarily think that would have been a bad thing. The extended human element is definitely the film’s biggest failing.

Speaking of the human element, Cranston’s whole role is a troll. Not the actor himself, but whoever cast him was just trolling. I’m not going to give it away, but he is not the main character and still manages to give the best performance of the cast. It just makes me wonder. I know in this type of movie the humans only really need to tell their story and be done then a new cast can step in next time (though there were a few sets of Toho Godzilla movies with arching story lines and recurring characters, so what do I know), but just because they wanted to get the human story wrapped up doesn’t mean they had to stuff it in our faces so much.

In the end I would recommend this if you like movies with giant monsters, just know that your favorite part is going to be the last 20 to 30 minutes.