Warning: Art Quality May Indicate Level of Give-A-Damn

Also, I haven’t read the book so this is only about the movie.

Divergent Review

As stated above, I have not read the book, so this review is only about the movie. Personally I think all movies should be judged on how they stand on their own, not their source content. Though I hope this movie does not live up to the book, because that would make for a bad book. Also, I know it’s not really like Hunger Games, but it’s been billed as ‘the next Hunger Games’ and it clearly isn’t.

Things just sort of seem to happen. The main character chooses to leave her family for another faction, though the only reason she picks that faction is because they run a lot and jump out of trains? Okay I guess. She decides to get a tattoo of birds, something that keeps attacking her in the magic fear training machine? Okay I guess. The love interest makes a joke about not getting the floor bloody when she says she wants to take it slow (not even kidding)? Okily dokely. The fear machine says she’s suddenly afraid of rape from the love interest despite him saving her life and respecting her decision about not having sex, not really okay… At least when the child abuse thing came up it had been mentioned and built up throughout the movie. The only thing besides being good at the magic fear machine being a Divergent gets the main characters is immunity to mind-control chips? Seems tacky to me. The main characters defeat the mind control scheme and save thousands of lives but still have to run away? Makes no sense. It all makes so little sense.

Like the final assessment says, stick with Hunger Games if you’re after a teenage girl/dystopia/war-ish story.