Minor spoilers, though if you’re a fan or just not too cautious on the internet they’re probably not. Full review below the comic.

Captain America 2 Review   Like most series, Captain America: The Winter Soldier draws upon what came before it. In this case I speak not only of the first (Marvel-made) Captain America movie, but also the other films in the Marvel/Avengers Universe. While nearly all of the Marvel films have at least had a dash of humor spread throughout, between Thor 2 and this movie I believe the studio has found a good balance of action and humor. Like Commenting-Colin in the above comic says, the whole film is peppered with well-timed bits of humor that for the most part don’t detract from the action or drama at hand. The action, split well between Cap, Fury, Widow, and Falcon (actor and character names be damned) is exciting and well choreographed. The mystery of the movie, which leads into the “big twist” was better done then what they attempted in Iron Man 3, but the delivery wasn’t well set up. It’s just sort of spilled, almost without asking. Still, what the characters and viewers learn in that moment does clear up some things and makes us take a look at some of the actions of other characters in the films and shorts leading up to this film. One last observation, they de-sexualized Black Widow a lot in this movie. It’s hard to do that completely, but gone is the “titillating” outfit from Avengers. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, though I’m sure someone is saying that, but what the hell did they do to her hair?! Her hair Avengers or even Iron Man 2 would have been preferable to the weird, long bowl cut they gave her. I know it’s a weird thing to hone in on, but it bothered me from the get go.

My two “gripes” with this movie (other than hair) would be a) The Winter Soldier isn’t really the driving force. He helps set the story in action and acts as both the drama and climactic battle, but he’s never the real villain even before it’s revealed who he is/was. I can’t say if that’s how it was in the source material (I’m a bad nerd apparently) but if you’re going to put a character in the title I expect him to have a bigger part then head goon and drama bomb. And b) while Captain America is obviously the main character, it was as much a movie about SHIELD as it was about him. I really don’t even see the need for a Black Widow movie after this, between her supporting role in Iron Man 2, her large role in Avengers, and her basically co-staring in this one, how much more can they add to her movie version that hasn’t already been said. Still, I’ll go see it when it comes out and not complain about it then.

Finally, and here’s the SPOILERS, the during/after credit scenes. The after credit scene is just Bucky trying to figure out who he is, so maybe he’ll show up in Avengers 2. The during credits scene dropped the biggest bomb though, that not only does what remains of hydra have Loki’s staff from Avengers, but they’ve somehow used it to create Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, that’s right mutants. And not just any mutants, Magneto’s children. The super hopeful inner child version of me wants to believe this will lead to Hugh Jackman beating up Ultron, but that’s obviously not going to happen since those same characters (played by different actors) are set to appear in future X-Men movies, which of course Marvel doesn’t have the rights to. But if Marvel can get around the legal matters and bring in some of their less well-treated characters/franchises by reworking their back stories a bit then more power to them.

In conclusion, it was a good movie. 4.5 out of 5 Shields.