Edit: Well comicpress has finally gone awol on me. Its just struggling along for the moment but everything SHOULD be on the site still. Trying to find a replacement now.


And that’s a wrap folks, not with Ashley’s story as a whole, but with this arc of Reigns Reverie. This arc took longer than I ever thought it would, mostly due to the fact that I went off script because it the original short story needed sooooooooo much work. I may still post the original, but I wouldn’t expect a newer written version right away. Also, a fun fact for you, this arc lasted nine months almost to the day, there were children conceived and born in the time it took to get through an hour or two with Ashley. And guess what, the day’s not over. Colin still has to drop off the second card Lisah gave him forever ago to Sheila. What will that be like? Will September 20th every end on this website? You’ll have to keep checking back to see find out.

Until next time,

Caden Reigns