Sleazy PumpkinHappy Halloween everyone! Everyone except Ashley it would seem, though technically this story takes place in September seven years ago, but that’s just semantics. I’m hoping that since it is Halloween maybe I won’t get reported too badly for once again making a scene about strangulation, it’s bad m’kay? But it’s also how Reverie’s shadow-faced menace likes to do things, so what am I to do?

In non-ghost-strangling news, how about that Marvel announcement? Looking pretty good on the predictions I made two weeks back, though since it’s going to be a “Captain Marvel” I expect it to be the Carol character instead of Kamala, which is a bit of a let down but such is life.

In non-pop-culture news, for those of you that remember that I’m a grad-school student, my thesis (which in my program is a manuscript) is nearing the final climax, and while it won’t be “done” until June or so next year, I expect to have the current draft completed before the years out, especially because I have a week of travel early December where I’ll pretty much just be writing on planes, trains, and automobiles. You can find an early sample from my thesis in the Writing tab above, which is also where the re-written short story that this arc of the comic is based off of will go once completed. I usually try to have the original story posted within a week of the arc finishing, but the original story had a little too much dues ex for my liking, so I went off script and kind of made it up as I went. That’s probably why this arc has taken so long to get through, even though basically the same story was told.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time,

Caden Reigns