Well that escalated quickly, and not in the good way. Though I guess it is for him, though what Reverie’s local sleaze plans to do is in no way good. How this scene goes down will affect more than just Ashley, and will also be the finale for this arc. Probably got three or four pages left at this point, though since I had to go off script for this one to correct the mistakes of high school me’s writing who can say for certain. Regardless, just know that you’re being spared some serious dues ex with this “re-write.”


In other news, Wayforward put out the next Shantae game today, though not the one I kickstarted but regardless I’m happy about it. I’m a pretty big fan of Metrodvania game, so having Shantae in one, which just makes sense since her games weren’t completely off from them anyway, just works. Though if I have to get technical I guess I can only say I’m a big fan of Metroid-style games, since I’ve never played any Castlevania. I feel like I would like that series (at least the 2D games), but I’ve just never played any of them. Just me not taking the time I suppose, though with work, grad school, 3 soon to be 4 Tales games to catch up on, upcoming Pokémon ORAS, among other things not to mention this comic, I don’t exactly have tons of time to spend on too much more than I already am.

Also, what about that Avengers 2 trailer?! Pretty neat if I do say so myself, and it does seem like Tony is not in a happy place in it, much as I predicted in last weeks ramble. Though as much as I’m stoked for the movie, I can’t wait to see the lego sets that it spawns. If there’s not a Hulk-Buster set though someone needs to be slapped, hard. As far as legos go I’d like to one day build my own little city. It probably wouldn’t be on the scale of Bricksburg from the movie, but a few buildings with some places from the comic thrown in would be nice. For that reason I don’t go for many “other-worldly” sets. The exception mostly being comic book sets because I can have super heroes running across the roof tops or a particular group of turtles popping out of the sewers and still feel like it fits. Though that just me.

Anyway, until next time,

Caden Reigns