That guy just looks worse and worse every time he shows up, though he was never too pretty to begin with. Stuff is about to get real up in here though, I don’t have an exact number of pages but five or six is probably my highest estimate before this arc finally comes to an end. Then we’re back to Sheila, since it feels like forever since we’ve seen her and she definitely deserves some retributions by now.


In other news, because I feel like talking about it, have you seen the latest comic book movie news? As has become the norm as of late, it seems Marvel is doing it right and DC is just kind of doing it. Everything I’ve heard from the Marvel side makes me excited and in the mood to theorize about what’s to come, while DC announcements just make me go “okay…I guess I don’t mind giving you $24 a year.”

The biggest news on the Marvel front seems to come on the Captain America front, with a little Avengers 2 on the side, and boils down to three points:

  • RDJ will co-star in CA3 and will either start or fully encompass the movie version Civil War
  • It’s rumored that Sony and Marvel may be in talks to share some Spider-Man right
  • It’s also rumored that at the end of Avengers 2 the after credit scene will feature Cap showing off his new Avengers

Assuming these are true then this is how I see things going: The superhero registration act is mentioned at the beginning of Avengers 2, probably by War Machine since he’s been seen in some screenshots, but is dismissed at the time. Then the Ultron shit goes down! Once that’s taken care of, Tony, who feels it was his fault or at least that his privately funded heroes aren’t working, is seen in the ending montage talking to whoever is in charge of the superhero registration act while in the ending credits Cap shows us his new, Secret Avengers! Based on what’s been announced and what’s been rumored I would expect; Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man (long shot but my inner child can hope), Ms. Marvel (hopefully, and hopefully the newer version), maybe Ant-Man, and perhaps a few other surprises. From there we go to Cap 3, aka the Civil War, where, and hold your breath for this, Cap dies at the end, or at least stops being Cap for whatever reason. This jives with what’s known about that Chris’s contract and leaves us with three possibilities about the future of Captain America movies:

  • No more Cap, unlikely given his popularity.
  • Bucky as Cap, could work and has.
  • Falcon is Cap, my personal favorite. This would work with the current comics, though “current” will be old by the time any of this would come to be, and would just be cool.

I have another theory concerning a “New Warriors/Young Avengers” movie concerning Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and other younger character, but it’s long and convoluted so I won’t get into it now.

But that just proves my point when it comes to Marvel/DC movies, while just three little piece of information got me excited for years of Marvel movies, a ton of info on DC’s plans still just makes me go meh. Gal Gadot doesn’t look like Wonder Woman while her costume looks like a Xena rip-off, Ezra Miller is likewise un-Flash like, not to mention weirdly young for the role, and I can’t help but laugh at Green Lantern being last on the list of planned movies since to me that can only be an attempt to make people forget about that last catastrophe.

Anyway, that went on longer than I had planned, so until next time,

Caden Reigns