And the terror that is interior car scenes is over! …until the next arc. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I cannot tell you how much I hate drawing cars and car interiors, mostly because I’m bad at them but that’s besides the point I tell you! I also just noticed that Detective Williams’s stubble disappeared for a panel last week, and for that I sincerely apologize. I think when I realized that I was going to have three pages of car interior in a row my mind snapped a little and adding stubble fell into the cracks. But as the gods as my witnesses I swear to try and never let something so heinous happen again, though no promises because it happens to all great artists and I’m no great artist so it’s all the more likely to happen to me.

Anyway, with this page some strings to future arcs are pulled on and in that last panel Colin makes a very important discovery. So important that I butchered it trying to get away from this gods damn car scene! Rabble rabble rabble! Back to coma-ghost girl next week, that I can do because A) no cars, and 2) no stubble.

Until next time,

Caden Reigns

P.S. Between the Vita and the 3DS is anyone else feeling the pain in their wallet lately? I know I am and maybe I’ll start rambling about that kind of stuff a little more. Also Legos, I like Legos.