So after ten pages our hero finally notices our “ghost.” What wacky shenanigans will this lead to? Perhaps an 80s style sitcom? I’d watch it, but I also made it up.

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Caden Reigns


Extra note: I had Colin peer at Ashley’s contacts last week because he thought they were colored and I meant to expand on that in the post. But I have a really good reason for not doing it, I forgot, so I’m adding it now. While the characters in Reverie have more or less believable eyes and hair, some may have noticed that both Ashley and Sheila have purple/violet eyes. Ashley, as she hinted at in the last page, has what basically amounts to a limited case of albinism which gives her that super pale skin and violet eyes. It doesn’t prevent her from going out in the sun, but she won’t be spending much time there. Sheila, on the other hand, just has whatever rare gene combination people like Elizabeth Taylor had. So basically Ashley lost the gene lottery and Sheila won it, though both ended up being in similar situation.