Colin – The ‘hero’ or ‘main character’ of our little comic. I say that, but he hasn’t taken much of the spotlight since chapter zero and a bit of narration in chapter one. While he has appeared in most of the other characters’ stories so far in chapter two, we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of him as the story continues. His eyes turn red when angry, but so far we don’t really know why or what that means. Between chapters one and two he garnered a sort of infamy amongst the residents of Reverie when he tried to remind them all of the Forgotten King.

Lisah – The ‘heroine’ maybe, she appeared in chapter one and a little in two so far, but we’re only starting to get introduced to her now. When she was hurt though Colin was willing to back talk the Forgotten King in his rage, so she must be important to him.

Devon – The initial protagonist of chapter two. Generally a cynic, but when his life or the life of someone he cares about is on the line there is no length he won’t go to protect them. The last we saw of Devon didn’t look like a good thing, but that doesn’t mean his story is over…

Kat – Almost a female version of Devon personality-wise, she didn’t get too much screen time before her story came to a close but she’ll be fleshed out eventually.

Derreck – One of Colin’s oldest friends and hocky enthusiast. Used to like penguins, but after a muffin-related experiment he can’t get over the trauma of being turned into one. He also blames Colin for turning him over to the zookeepers during his time as  a flightless bird,  Colin thinks he’s lost a screw or two.

Sheila – Perhaps one of the most unfortunate characters in Reverie, almost no one outside the main caste (her homeroom) likes Sheila but has no reason not to. What will come of this needless hate for her? And how will she deal with it when the time comes? For now she’s locked herself in her room after being attacked.

Keri – The klutz of Reverie and general pest to Colin in home room. She delights in calling him ‘poofhead’ just because it gets on his nerves. Normally laid back and klutzy, when the time calls for it she can be more serious than a heart attack.

Julie – The little sister of Reverie high and Keri’s best friend. Despite being known as the little sister she generally has to act as a guardian of sorts for Keri or else the klutz would sleep through all her classes and never get anything done.

Ashley – On the whole a normal girl who just likes ghosts, especially video game ghosts for some reason. She was born with a rare pigmentation disorder, making her very pale-skinned and with eyes closer to purple than blue. She was attacked in the same alley Keri, Julie, and Sheila were and is now in a coma at Reverie Hospital, though her spirit/consciousness seems to have been dislodged on trapped in the process.

Alina – Ashley’s friend, but not yet properly introduced

Colby – not yet properly introduced

Dianna – not yet properly introduced

Brandon – not yet properly introduced

Kyle – Colin’s friend, but not yet properly introduced

Chris – Colin’s friend, but not yet properly introduced

Alex – Colin’s friend, but not yet properly introduced

Chester – Colin’s cat

Tiger – Colin’s bigger cat

Tombo – Colin’s little cat

Molly – Colin’s dog

The D’s – A group of popular students at Reverie High. They’re a hateful group of miscreants who’s last names all start with D. With just a small push the Sleazy Man influenced them to attack Sheila.

The Raptors – A wanna be group of thugs that roam parts of Reverie. While generally harmless, they added a new member for a while that pushed them to the darker side.

Colin’s “Hitchhiker” – An unknown being that seems tied to Colin, though no one can see or hear it under normal circumstances. It appears to be some sort of living ying-yang, though it speaks of becoming more so who knows what it will end up as or what its goals could be.

The Sleazy Man/Shadow – A former hitman that was done in by his own love of burying evidence, he seems to have developed a sort of supernatural edge after having his head chopped to bits by Devon. His goals are unclear, but he seems to have an interest in snuffing out Devon and Colin’s remaining classmates.

The Cloaked Stranger – A turquoise-eyed mystery man. He shows up randomly and seems to only be watching things unfold, but caries a list of some sort with him. His intentions will hopefully become clear as the story goes on.