Sparaxis – The Time Witch

Little is known about Spara other than the fact that she is in charge of the Temporal division of the Complaint Department. Everything seems like a joke to her, so maybe always knowing what is going to happen to has taken some of the seriousness out of life.

Cygnus – The Red Giant

Like Spara, little is known about Cygnus other than that she runs the Fate division of the Complaint department. Unlike Spara however, she is rather despondent about life. Perhaps dealing with everyone’s fate has made her uneasy about her own.

Andromeda – The Yellow Sun

Little is known about Andromeda, in some ways less than her predecessors Off Panel. But it somehow ‘makes more sense’ for her to be there then it did for Cygnus.

Exa – The Program

A servant of Reigns Reverie, despite being a silly rectangle with a spiral for an eye he actually seems to take his job more seriously than any of his ‘coworkers.’