Reverie Cast in order~ish of appearance:

Character Portrait 001 - Colin reColin: Junior – 16

The so-called main character of this series, though Colin finds his way into other people’s stories more often than his own. Colin is one of the only people in Reverie who remembers the Forgotten Year and Forgotten King, and after several months of trying to convince Reverie about what really happened he became a bit of a pariah. He’s since given up trying to convince people, partly because he knows there’s other weird stuff going on in his town and has been  preoccupied with that. He also has occasional migraines that blur his vision to the point of needing glasses.

Oddly, since the day his world shattered Colin’s eyes have had a habit of going red when he’s extremely angry. Though he himself is unaware of the trait and most people don’t notice it unless his glare is focused on them.


Character Portrait 001.1 - RembodimentColin’s Hitchhiker: ???

It’s not entirely clear what this being is, even the term hitchhiker is just something it said to Derreck while he was in the body of a penguin. What’s clear is most of the time no one can see or hear the Hitchhiker, though it’s usually lurking around Colin and has been since the day the Forgotten King shattered Colin’s world. It claims that it will be more once Colin notices it, but what exactly that entails is far from clear.




Character Portrait 002 - LisahLisah: Junior – 16

Lisah is Colin’s girlfriend and has been since before the Forgotten Year. She, like the rest of the world, has no memories of anything odd having happened during that time even though she nearly died in a chance encounter with the Forgotten King. Despite not sharing the memories Colin does, she has stayed with him through all of his attempts to remind people of what happened to the world. Though, truth be told, she was glad when he stopped trying to convince people of things even she couldn’t believe.




Character Portrait 003 - DevonDevon: Junior – 17

Devon was just your average teen bemoaning the heat of summer when a shadowy sleaze intruded into his life. What followed was a drug-induced event that culminated in Devon taking another’s life to save his girlfriend, Kat. Or at least that’s what is believed to have happened. While in the hospital to ensure he was no longer a danger to anyone he disappeared, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.





Character Portrait 004 - KatKat: Sophomore – 16

Like her boyfriend, Devon, Kat was just going about her life when she was attacked in the middle of summer. Knowing he saved her made his disappearance all the harder on her, causing her to become even less sociable than she was before.

Her real name is Vera, but she only allows Devon to call her that. Instead she goes by Kat, a nickname she gained thanks to her eyes and snaggletooth.




Character Portrait 005 - DerreckDerreck: Junior – 16

Derreck is one of Colin’s oldest friends and the star of the Reverie Hockey team, the Arctic Foxes. His daily running path takes him past the home of the zany Dr. Cook, who’s experimental muffin once made Derreck experience life as a penguin for a little while. During which time he (as a penguin) was seemingly betrayed by Colin and nearly eaten by a lion. While even Derreck isn’t completely sure the incident actually happened, it was so realistic to him that his friendship with Colin was strained a bit.




Character Portrait 006 - DerreckSheila: Junior – 17

Born to a Japanese mother and Australian father, Sheila was an unfortunate individual. For seemingly no reason she was often picked on at school and ignored by the teachers. Eventually this bullying escalated to the point that she was actually stuffed in a bag and left for dead in an alleyway. Colin was the one who found her, and she believes also gave her the opportunity to reveal her attackers and get a little payback for what they’d done. Since she’s convinced that Colin is her sole hero, saving her and giving her the means to save herself, she’s developed feelings for him despite knowing his heart belongs to Lisah.




Character Portrait 007 - KeriKeri: Sophomore – 15

Keri is a bit of a klutz, with a bad habit of getting stuck in trees and tripping over herself. She also eats more than seems possible for her size and has a tendency to fall asleep in class. Her older brother is a technophile and has on more than one occasion gotten in trouble with loan sharks in order to pay for his addiction. There have been instances where Keri has gotten swept up in the drama that ensues from these loans, including one case where it was revealed she’s actually good with a gun of all things. While Colin has said otherwise, she believes he threw her weapon to her after she dropped it during an encounter with the Raptors, Reverie’s only real gang.




Character Portrait 008 - JulieJulie: Sophomore – 15

Julie is a bit like everyone’s little sister in Homeroom 22, though to Keri she’s more like a designated guardian. If not for Julie, Keri would probably fall asleep on her way to and from school and never take her homework or other assignments with her at the end of the day. Most people mistake Julie for still being in middle school when they see her, much to her chagrin.





Character Portrait 009 - AshleyAshley: Junior – 17

Ashley has always had a fascination with ghosts, even those from video games and not real stories. Her fascination with them was so strong that when she was attacked and temporarily comatose she had a dream that she became a ghost and was only able to get back into her body thanks to Colin, the town crazy, of all people. At least she thinks it was a dream.

Her ultra pale complexion and purplish eye color are due to a skin condition similar to albinism, though not so dire that she has to completely avoid the sun.